DIL BECHARA – Title Track Guitar Chords

This song is from the movie Dil Bechara(2020), released on 11 July 2020 starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi. It is sung by A R Rahman

Original Key: D Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 105


Dm Gm A Dm
Dm Gm A Dm
(Gm)Dil bec(Dm)hara
(Gm)Friend zone ka (Dm)maara

(Gm)Dil bechara(Dm)
(Dm)Friend zone ka maa(F)ra(C)
(C)Friend zone ka m(Gm)aara

(Dm)Koi toh bata(Am) de kya (Gm)karun(Am)
Ko(Dm)i bata de ky(Am)a karun(Gm)…(Am)
(Gm)Dil becha(Dm)ra
F(Am)riend zone ka maa(Gm)ra (Am)..(Gm)

Dm Am Gm Am
Dm Am Gm Am x2

(Dm)L mein joda OV(Am)E
Maine toh lo(Bb)ve love love(C) hi kiya(F)..(A)
(Dm)Usne joda IKE
Mere ko li(Bb)ke like like(C) hi ki(F)ya(Asus4)


(Gm)Dil becha(Dm)ra
F(Gm)riend zo(Am)ne ka maa(Bb)ra (A)


Oh baby (Am)yaad hai mujhe
(Am)Tera birthday day day
(Am)Tera birthday day day day

Tu h(Gm)ar saal mera birthday
Bhul bhul(Am) bhul jaye ro(Dm)z (Bb)
Tere ca(F)ll ki main r(Am)aah dek(Dm)hun(Bb)
Tu sm(F)s bhi na k(C)are

(Dm)Tu mu(Bb)jhe miss(F) bhi na kare(Am)
Ky(Dm)un mu(Bb)jhe miss(F) bhi na kar(C)e
K(Gm)yun? (F)

D(Gm)il bec(Am)hara (Dm)..(Gm)
F(Bb)riend zo(Am)ne ka maar(Dm)a

D(Gm)il be(Am)chara (Dm)
(Dm)Friend zone ka maar(F)a
(C)Friend zone ka maa(Gm)ra

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