Gupute gupute kiman khelim Guitar Chord

Gupute gupute kiman khelim Guitar Chord

Gupute Gupute Dr.Bhupen Hazarika is a well-known song . This song was made in 1946, but the new generation is still listening. This is thanks to a great job.

A multifaceted genius, he is a good poet, music composer, singer, actor, journalist, author and film-maker of the very highest repute.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika has been known to create a great impression on both Assamese and Indian cinema, literature and music. He has immense repute, touching on reverence in his native Assam, the other north-east states and the neighboring state of West Bengal. He had created memorable national award winning Assamese films in the otherwise nascent Assamese film industry which somewhat revived it. His notable contributions to literature also made him the president of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. In music his balladic voice coupled with the themes of social consciousness as well as love have made his songs immortal. He is considered as one of he greatest contributor to Assamese culture after Sankardev and Jyoti Prasad Agarwala.

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Song Informetion-

Song : Gupute gupute kiman khelim

Lyrics : Bhupen Hazarika

Singer : Bhupen Hazarika


Gupu(C)te gupu(G)te ki(Am)man khelim

(C)Aalingonor ei (F)khela

Soti(C)au aaha(G) aakakhhe bota(G)he

(C)Duyure (Am)rongore (C)mela

Gupu(C)te gupu(G)te ki(Am)man khelim

(C)Aalingonor ei (F)khela



Xo(F)maj aru xo(C)ngoskarok

(F)Dekhuwau (F) aaha (G)priya

Lu(G)kai nothoi aamar dukhon

(C)Xagor(Am)or dore (C)hiya

Jou(F)bonot jaanu paap thake

Pro(G)kakhh jaanu bondho thake

(C)Lohore jaanu xagorok kore

(G)Kahaniyu obo(C)hela


Gupu(C)te gupu(G)te ki(Am)man khelim

(C)Aalingonor ei (F)khelaaaa(C)



To(C)mar nayan juri

Tomar bukur papo(G)ri

Proti (F)saoni khhuo(C)ni

Proti (G7)porokhh lao(C)nee

(C)Bondho gho(F)ror (C)khiriki du(Am)waar

(C)Khula aa(F)ji priya (G)khula

Nela(G)ge aaru dekhuabo aaji

(C)Khhalino(Am)ta srin(C)khola

Moro(F)mot jaanu niyom thake

Dhumu(G)har jaanu poridhi thake

Probha(C)tok jaanu dhakibo pari

Pin(G)dhai laajor ma(C)la


Gupu(C)te gupu(G)te ki(Am)man khelim

(C)Aalingonor ei (F)khela………….

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