How to make a Chord

How to make a Chord

A chord is a combination of two or more tones sounded together. A Major chord used only three notes. Some chords use many more notes. A Major chord is formed by using the First,Third, and Fifth notes of scale. Below is a C Major scale.The notes used to form a “C” chord are shown as C, E and G.

C scale

Major 1st 3rd 5th
C Major  C E G

Some times you will use string to play a “C” chord. This is because you can use the same note more then once in the chord. For example-

C chord

Root+3rd+5th notes are making major chord on major scale, that’s it

How to make Minor Chord?

Like the Major chord,minor chord uses only three notes.The only difference between a Major chord and a minor chord is that the third of a Minor chord is played flat.For example,a “C major” chord is made up of C,E and G. A “C minor” chord is made up of C,D# and G.Below is a C major scale.

C scale

Minor 1st b3rd 5th
C Minor  C Eb or D# G

Here the “C” Minor chords different position below-

C Minor different position

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