Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale

Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic scales contain only five notes, as their name suggests (penta = five in Greek) two of these, commonly used in western music, are the major Pentatonic and minor Pentatonic.

It has been shown ” C ” Major pentatonic scale-

Major pentatonic scale

How the A minor pentatonic scale contains the same notes as the C major pentatonic scale. In the same way as the A natural minor scale is a mode of C major scale. it has been shown “A” minor pentatonic scale

minor pentatonic scale

The minor pentatonic is quite similar to the Blues scale. As with the Blues scale, it contains the root and flat seventh notes of the three chords most often used in Blues music. For example-

1st 3rd 5th b7
C7 = C Eb G Bb
F7 = F A C Eb
G7= G B D F
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