O Maa By Zubeen Garg | Assamese Song 2017 | Abahan Theatre

O Maa By Zubeen Garg | Abahan Theatre 

Maa lyrics and chords from Abahan Theatre 2017-18 Sung by Zubeen Garg, Music and Lyrics by Ajoy Phukan and Music Produced by Palash Gogoi.

This song has been dedicated to my MAA and all those who have lost their MAA or are not here.

Song- O Maa
Singer – Zubeen Garg
Music /Lyrics – Ajoy Phukan
Music Produced – Palash Gogoi
Co Singer – Papori Gogoi

Oo (E)gaan ati gua (C#m)na Oo (E)Maa
(E)Hat bulai dia (A)na Oo (E)Maa

Oo (E)gaan ati gua (C#m)na Oo (E)Maa
(E)Hat bulai dia (A)na Oo (E)Maa
Ho(A)pun (F#m)herale Keni(G#m)ba (E)
Bisa(A)ri aa(F#m)ni dia(C#m) na(E)
Moi (B)xubo po(F#m)ra nai Oo (E)Maa
Buku (B)khan (A)bikhaise (E)Maa

(E)gaan ati gua (C#m)na Oo (E)Maa
(E)Hat bulai dia (A)na Oo (E)Maa

(Kali skul bondho gulap phulor gundho ,
Aaji skul suti Gorom gorom ruti
skul suti hol mozaa lagi gol
Maaye ase roi bhat bahi thoi
Kham moi pete purai….. )

(E)Kunenu dibo mosi (C#m)mur sokur pa(E)ani
(E)Kunenu ko(G#m)bohi (A)Tezimolar (E)kaahini
Mur (C#m)Bhuk loga nai Oo (E)Maa
Tumi (A)aahi(C+) khuai dia (E)na
Tu(C#m)mak nupuar jaato(G#m)na..(E)
E(A)bar ka(C)xole aha(D) na
Moi (B)xubo pora nai Oo (E)Maa
Buku (B)khan bi(A)khaise Oo (E)Maa

(E)gaan ati gua (C#m)na Oo (E)Maa
(E)Hat bulai dia (A)na Oo (E)Maa

(E)Keninu herai gol (C#m)senehore mukh (E)khani
(E)Kote nu (G#m)lukai rol (A)xun boroniya haa(E)hiti
(E)Moi (C#m)bisari asu oo (E)Maa
Tu(A)mak jolu(C+)wa jui ku(E)ra
Moi (C#m)douri furisu ja(G#m)ana
Dibo(A)le tu(C)mar boto(D)ra
Moi (B)xubo pora nai Oo (E)Maa
Buku (B)khan bi(A)khaise Oo (B)Maa

Oo (E)gaan ati dede (C#m)de oo (E)Maa Ra ri ri raa (A)raaa da raa…(E)

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