What Is a Scale

What Is a Scale

A series of notes arranged in their regular succession is called a scale. In western music usually two type of scales are used-

  1. Diatonic Scale and
  2. Chromatic Scale

Dia means two, that means the scale which consists of two types of tones is called a Diatonic Scale. There are two types of Diatonic scales-

  1. Major Diatonic and
  2. Minor Diatonic

Major Diatonic scale consists of five tones and two semi tones. The semi tones occur between 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th notes.

C Diatonic ScaleIn ascending and descending the formula remains the same. There are all Major Scale has been given below-

All Major Scale

What is a Chromatic Scale ?

The scale which is arranged with the help of Semi Tones is called Chromatic Scale. In Chromatic Scale while ascending “#” is used and while descending “b” is used. A Chromatic Scale consists of Semi Tones.There are some Chromatic Scale in Guitar has been given below-

Chromatic Scale

Chromatic Scale bar and staff

What is a Minor Scale ?

Each Major Scale has a relative Minor Scale. Minor Scale is built on the Sixth Note of the Major Scale and Key signature of both the Scales will be same. The Minor Scale has the same number of Tones as the Major Scale. The difference between Major and Minor Scale is the arrangement of Ton and Semi Tones. There are 5 types of Minor Scales

  1. Natural or Pure
  2. Harmonic
  3. Melodic
  4. Mixed or Combined
  5. Hungarian or Gipsy

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